Rob Little

Maxim Magizines "Comic of the Year"!

Once described to as "a Bald Chris Farley with a smack of Jack Black," Rob responded "I don't mind being bald, look at all the money I save by not going on dates."

Rob knows how to turn everything positive, because he was "Born to be Fired." Working as a computer programmer for IBM, the Detroit born comic sent out an ALL- company e-mail saying "If you aren't happy here, quit your job and follow your dream." IBM gave him his walking papers, but getting fired led to a successful career as a standup comedian. And now it's led to a network television show, earning him a role on the CBS Summer hit "Fire Me Please.

He headlines clubs, colleges and corporate functions all over the country, with a client roster that includes Yahoo, U.S. Cellular, General Motors, Improv Comedy Clubs, The Jerry Lewis Telethon, and Quicken Loans.


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