In case you missed Cathy Ladman on the Late Late Show March 2:

• Artists West News:

2015 Cruise Ship Showcase is scheduled for May 15th at the Ventura Harbor Comedy Club. Tickets available soon. Best show of the year!!

• Congratulations to Matt McClowry, Zoltan Kaszas and Larry Omaha for being selected to perform at the NACA National Convention February 14-18 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Artists West client Larry Omaha has also been selected to perform at the NACA Northern Plains Regional Conference April 16-19 in Madison, WI!


• Artists West News:
Congratulations to Dan Gabriel for 2nd Place in the 2014 San Francisco Comedy Competition!

Other comedians who finished in that spot include Robin Williams, Ellen DeGeneres, Dane Cook, Marc Maron, and Kevin Pollack. Fast company and a good omen!

Dan Gabriel



Thanks so much to everyone at Flappers and the Burbank Comedy Festival, and of course to our great comics:

Michael RaynerJoan Fagan, John DeBoer, Art Krug, Jack Mayberry,Tony Baker, Kristin Key, Jim McCue, Tommy Savitt, Carlos Alazraqui, Dante, Lisa Alvarado, Randy Lubas, Paul Morrissey, Eric "Smooth-E" Schwartz, Jackie Fabulous, Allan Cunningham, The Greg Wilson, Chris Cope   


Congratulations to AWE clients Olivia Harewood, Zoltan Kaszas, Ed Hill (alternate) and Larry Omaha (alternate) on their selection to the NACA Central Conference! And to AWE clients Olivia Harewood, Shane Torres (alternate), and Chet Wild (alternate) on their selection to the NACA West Regional Conference.  

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