Artists West Voted Top Agency

Artists West Voted Top Agency

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To practice the craft of stand-up comedy, you're going to need gigs. And one of the best way to get gigs is to be represented by a comedy agent.

How does a new comic get a comedy agent?

Many comedy agents, and most of the ones listed below, accept submissions from nascent stand-ups looking for representation. Before submitting, its recommended that you have at least 40 minutes of quality material. 

Every agency has a different submission process, but all want to see you in action. So, you'll need a professional video showcasing a few minutes of your act—not a video shot on your buddy's phone.

It's a good idea to post your video online (so you can send comedy agents a link). Also, put your best material first. Agents are inundated with submissions. They don't have time to view your entire video.

If you're fortunate enough to get booked by an agent, make sure you're professional, pleasant, and reliable.  It's a good idea to perform for your specific audience, especially if it's a corporate or college show, not for other comedians.

Below, you'll find a list of 30 of the best comedy agents in the U.S. These agents made our list because they care about their clients and their comics. 

They hold stand-up comedy in the highest regard. Many are comics themselves.

Bottom line, being represented by any of the following could be a seriously big break for any new stand-up comedian. And that's no joke.