Peter Antoniou

Peter Antoniou

Peter Antoniou is a ‘Psychic’ Comedian. 

From performing for sold out theatre crowds on London’s West End, to wowing the judges on America’s Got Talent, to being the go-to entertainer for some of the World’s biggest companies (Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc), he’s read minds all around the globe.

Peter combines a razor-sharp British wit with a stunning ability to know exactly what you are thinking. It could be a question you wish you could ask a psychic, a memory from your past, or even what colour your underwear is - as long as it’s in your mind, Peter can access it. 

In addition to his live shows, Peter also gives immersive and entertaining lectures on the history and modern applications of divination, stripping away all the esoterica to reveal a practical and insightful vision of how these ancient tools can be applied to our everyday lives.