Matt McClowry

Matt McClowry

Matt McClowry is not your typical stand-up comic. A tall, clean-cut comic originally frim Detroit, he has overcome childhood diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome, to use his sharp wit to wow audiences. While Asperger's might seem like an insurmountable obstacle to successfully performing stand-up, as its symptoms seem incompatible with the skill set required to make a crowd of strangers laugh. However, Matt is an able and confident performer, laconically delivering observations about a host of modern absurdities in a deep, distinctive deadpan. Matt has been gaining national exposure recently with club, college, and festival appearances from coast to coast, including an impressive third place finish at the “World Series of Comedy” in Las Vegas. You might never know he had Asperger's Syndrome if he didn't talk about it onstage.


NACA Nationals 2015 Club Showcase

"The show was great; I could tell every student who attended really enjoyed themselves. Overall though, I would definitely say it was a success!"-Erin Sless, Salisbury University, Dec. 2015