Marc Ryan

Marc Ryan

Comedian Marc Ryan has been making them laugh for over 30 years now! You can hear any of Marc’s 5 LIVE Stand Up Comedy albums regularly on SiriusXM’s comedy channels. Marc’s been seen in comedy specials on TBS, NBC, Comedy Central and More. His comedy has garnered 100’s of millions of views on the internet. Marc’s Texas/Louisiana upbringing flavors his take on the world. In his performances, Marc delivers a unique and memorable perspective on personal experiences that have taken him from small town Louisiana to Los Angeles pursuing a life in the entertainment business. His nothing-held-back approach is a hit with crowds. Marc’s show is a fun high energy good time.

Expanding the scope of his projects beyond stand up and television, Marc is the comedic mastermind behind numerous viral Internet videos. His original character Steve Jessup (aka, “the DUI lawnmower guy”) has surpassed 100’s of million views, generating numerous television guest spots on MTV Live, MSNBC, “The O'Reilly Factor” (Fox News), CNN's “Showbiz Tonight”, “Maury Povich”, “Speeders” and more. Today the Character has over a million followers and continues to thrive.

All three of Marc's live albums and one hour DVD special rank among the most popular on the Sirius XM Comedy channel's Blue Collar, Raw Dog and Laugh USA channels, keeping Marc regularly in front of their 34+ million subscribers.