Don Barnhart

Don Barnhart

Don Barnhart is a comedian who has been making audiences laugh for over three decades. Whether he's performing at a comedy club, on a cruise ship, or entertaining the troops on USO tours, Don knows how to bring the funny.  His unique perspective and clever observations have made him a favorite of audiences all over the world. His material covers everything from pop culture to politics, and his delivery is always spot-on.

Don Barnhart has something for everyone.  His Family Friendly Dry Bar Comedy Special, “The Obese Police” is appropriate for all ages while his Amazon Prime, “Sticks ’n Stones” he takes it to the limit.  Barnhart has been seen on almost every comedy show including Delirious TV, and has been featured on The Bob & Tom Show, XM/Sirius, MTV, A&E, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX and he just released his new DVD, "I'm Not Just Eye Candy”.

Don also offers a hilarous comedy hypnosis show that gets rave review everywhere he does it.