Sina Amedson

My name is Sina Alibaba. When I was born with webbed feet and hands, my parents changed our name to Amedson because there’s only so much you can allow your son to be teased for in school. My parents are Iranian immigrants. We moved around a lot. From SLC to OC to Seattle. I learned quickly that being funny was the easiest way to make friends in schools. While studying medicine at the University of Utah, I found I had Thyroid Cancer and Crohn’s Disease. This was a surprise since I didn’t sign up for those classes. Laughter got me through those experiences. So, I decided to become a different healer...a comedian. My parents finally settled in Utah. I moved to LA to branch out and bring my brand of funny to colleges and clubs around the country. Making friends along the way. Laughter will always be the best medicine.
NACA Mid Atlantic 2015 Showcase Alternate



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