Kortney Shane Williams

Kortney Shane Williams learned quickly that a sense of humor is useful when you are a boy named Kortney. So, deliberate or not, his grandmother destined him to be an entertainer the day she named him. Born in Cleveland, Kortney grew up in a suburb outside of Tampa and started his comedy career while attending The University of South Florida. He honed his craft in Seattle, frequently working his style of comedy at the University of Washington and local clubs. Kortney's joke telling leaves a lasting positive impression on his audience, analyzing popular opinion, current media, delving into the curious behavior of impulsive people on the internet, motivating anyone's critical thinking skills, while reminding us to embrace what is unique. Kortney Shane Williams has opened for Dave Chappelle, David Alan Grier, and Hannibal Buress. He’s appeared on Fox’s Laughs TV, NBC’s The 206, and Comedy Time at the Icehouse.


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