Julia Scotti

“Hilarious, powerful, real…if you combine Sam Kinison and Mrs. Doubtfire you have Julia Scotti!”Julia is a nationally headlining comedian, former teacher, speaker, and woman of transgendered experience. In the 80’s and 90’s she was better known as comedian Rick Scotti and appeared on Comedy Central and Showtime. In 2000, she stepped away from the comedy stage to undergo her life-changing transition and became a teacher.Julia realized she had some unfinished comedy business and in 2011 returned to the scene, and since then, it is obvious she has found her hilarious voice!Her amazing ability to tackle serious issues with extremely relatable humor has audiences of all ages falling in love with this “crazy old lady of comedy”. Today, you can find Julia performing at top venues around the country. When she isn’t making people laugh, she speaks on the subject of bullying and transgendered youth issues.Lecture title: "If I'm so happy, why are you crying? How our decisions affect those around us."Candid Q&A session following lectures.


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