Jose And Patti Davila

Jose And Patti Davila

As a musical duo, we have been performing for over twenty years. We have an instant connection to the audience and have built up a solid fan base throughout the U.S. Patti is a native New Yorker (NYU graduate with a B.S. in Music and Business). Jose is a Canadian from Montreal, with extensive entertainment experience: 9 years Director of Entertainment for Club Med International Resorts. We speak four languages between us, English, Spanish, French and Italian. 


HAPPY TWO GATHER SHOW: This is our dedication to the sounds of the British Invasion and the U.S. "Flower-Power" generation. The stage show includes video, costumes, and props and the band is in tie-dye and wigs. Our show is a musical journey with the sounds true to the artists renditions of "Light My Fire", "Be My Baby", "Something Good", "I Only Wanna Be With You", "Ferry Across the Mersey", "All My Loving", “Satisfaction”, "Mrs. Robinson", "Under the Boardwalk", “I’m a Believer”, "California Girls", "Mr. Tambourine Man” and more. All these songs get an explosive response due to the fact that we sound "true" to the sounds of the original artists. The arrangements also feature a full throttle Horn Section. 


These shows bring out a dynamic response every time they are performed. Our energy, banter, and love of what we do transforms these shows into a night of fun and entertainment for all! We are meticulous about our work and presentation, dedicated to the job at hand, and above all, ENTERTAINING. 


"you will not find an act that can connect with an audience in the way they do”