John Mendoza

      Things I remember by John Mendoza.

There have been many moments in the last few years while traveling with Howie Mandel that have been fun. Not just on stage in big concert halls, but also as a friend. Most of which I’m not telling.
I don't remember what made me more excited or more nervous, the phone call from Jim Mccally (the booker for the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson) or the frightening moment when I appeared on the last week of the Johnny Carson show and my hands had a mind of their own.
      I remember the time when NBC offered me my own TV show entitled The Second Half. This was what I have worked so hard for. It was a lot of fun. Till the day it got cancelled.
That stung a little.
      I remember filming a Showtime special while combing the Southern California area looking for a place to live. It was so cool!
In 1986 I was lucky to land the 10 anniversary young comedian special on HBO. I was the only comic from NYC. I thought I had arrived.
That same year I came to LA to do my first tonight show with Johnny Carson. I was so nervous I did the same laundry 5 times.
Late one afternoon I received a phone call asking me if I wanted to be on the Dave Letterman show. That was one of the best wake up calls I ever had.


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