Jason Cheny

Jason Cheny was always told he was just a little bird, born in Taiwan, partially raised in Canada, and now living in the US. Attending 10 different schools in 3 different countries, Jason is a young comic with a diverse background. Because of his experience with various cultures during his upbringing, his material reaches and resonates with a wide range of audiences. You will find him talking about his family, society, cultural differences, and how he grew up, through his positive vibe, and his energetic and contagious style of comedy. Jason has performed in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, clubs and colleges across the US and is a regular at some of the top comedy clubs throughout Southern California. Jason was a finalist on The World Series of Comedy and has recently appeared on ‘Laughs’ on Fox TV. On the surface, Jason Cheny may be just a little bird, but he’s got one big voice.


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