Isaac "Flaco" Martinez

A famous Buddhist proverb states, "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional." This is the Mantra of comedian, Isaac Martinez, known by his stage name, Flaco. 


Born with Marfan Syndrome, Flaco was unable to gain weight and knew from an early age that pain was unavoidable facet of life. That never stopped him and he wholeheartedly embraced who he was and the cards he was dealt into his hilarious, unique, and deeply personal stand-up routine. With a quickly growing reputation as one of the strongest up and coming comedians, opening for comedy staples such as Willie Barcena, Felipe Esparza, Edwin San Juan, Whitney Cummings, and many others. 


You might have seen him in the movie Constantine, you can periodically see him now on the Nickelodeon show, Drake & Josh and pretty soon, you will see his dismantled face everywhere (well… everywhere except the Food Network).



Isaac "Flaco" Martinez

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