Ed Driscoll

Ed Driscoll is an Emmy Award-winning comedian, writer and producer. A bright and clever stand-up comic known for his quick wit, Ed has appeared on television programs such as Politically Incorrect and NBC’s Comedy Showcase. Driscoll has written for various television series such as The Drew Carey Show and Dennis Miller Live, television specials such as The Academy Awards and Comic Relief, and various feature films such as Scooby Doo and National Security. His original movie The Comeback, starring Samuel L. Jackson, won Best Short Film at the 2002 AspenComedy Festival. Driscoll has also written material for live stage shows starring artists including Billy Crystal, Louie Anderson, Joan Rivers, Michael Buble, Bob Newhart, and Barry Manilow. His critically acclaimed memoir Spilled Gravy was published in 2006. Ed currently works on the hit ABC Family sitcom Melissa & Joey, and was recently nominated for another Emmy for his work on the 2012 Academy Awards.


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