College Comedians

The AWE College department began in 2012 and our acts have performed at over a 100 colleges and universities.  AWE acts have been selected to showcase at several conferences, including:
NACA Northern Plains 2017: St Paul, MN
NACA Nationals 2017: Baltimore, MD
NACA West 2016: Ontario, CA
NACA Mid America 2016: Covington, KY
NACA Mid Atlantic 2016: Lancaster, PA
NACA South 2016: Charleston, SC
NACA Northern Plains 2016: Madison, WI
NACA Nationals 2015: Minneapolis, MN
NACA Northern Plains 2015: Madison, WI
NACA South 2015: Chattanooga, TN
NACA Mid Atlantic 2015: Buffalo, NY
NACA Northeast 2015: Hartford, CT
NACA West 2015: Spokane, WA
NACA South 2014: Myrtle Beach, SC
NACA Central 2014: Arlington, TX
NACA West 2014: Portland, OR
APCA Nationals 2013: Atlanta, GA
NACA Mid Atlantic Festival 2013: East Stroudsburg, PA
NACA Northern Plains 2013: St Paul, MN
NACA Northeast 2013: Hartford, CT
NACA Mid America 2013: Peoria, IL
NACA Northeast 2012: Hartford, CT
NACA West 2012: Portland, OR
APCA Nationals 2012: Jacksonville, FL

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